YJB Entertainment: Be a part of the movement.

Thanksgiving 2004, our mother, Yolanda “Jeanenne” Ballard (YJB) was brutally murdered in Maywood, IL. She was raped and strangled to death. She was only 40 years old. The Maywood Police Dept. refused to investigate the murder, because of the neighborhood she was found in. Her case was turned into a cold case. We couldn't get anyone to pay attention to her case. Since the murder, our lives haven’t been the same. We wouldn't wish this amount of pain and torture on anyone. This wasn't an acquaintance, friend, or a cousin. This was our mother. The very person who gave us life. We know that we can't give up hope; because if we do, that would only make it easier for the murderers, the Maywood Police Dept., and the community to forget. As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." Somebody out there knows something. Someone who has information about the murder could possibly be paying attention to our efforts. This is why “The YJB Movement” was started, in honor of Yolanda Jeanenne Ballard.

YJB Talent was the first company started under The YJB Movement. YJB Talent is a full service talent agency in Atlanta that has been successful in booking professional actors on National Commercials, industrials, Print, Feature Films, & television shows on major networks such as ABC, NBC, B.E.T., FX, Fox, Netflix, HBO & Showtime just to name a few. The talented actors of YJB Talent are a big part of the reason the name “YJB” was introduced to the world.

YJB Entertainment” is the new entertainment company that will produce films, live shows, and music.

With the “YJB Movement”, we can create a legacy for the YJB Family, help make a difference in the lives of others by being an inspiration, as well as bring more attention to our mother's case. Our motivation to form the YJB EMPIRE is to raise awareness and honor our late mother. Be a part of the movement.